Electrical Construction

discca is prepared to handle a variety of electrical construction projects. We are committed to provide the utmost quality service to the Commercial and Industrial Construction Community. We prepare job estimates from drawings and specs with the assurance that the results of the project will be at a very competitive price. We explore all options and make skilled recommendations to get the results the customer needs. Budget numbers can be prepared to meet our customer’s needs.

Service Upgrades

Our electrical team is very capable in replacing existing services and equipment of any size to a new and/or larger system of any make. Service upgrades include installing new electrical panels.

Lighting Retrofits

Replacing incandescent lighting with CFL’s (compact fluorescent lamps) to provide energy savings and increased foot-candle levels by as much as 25% to 34%.

Building Automation

discca’s electrical team has the expertise to manage complex building control systems. Our qualified electricians install low voltage control systems, as well as energy management and fire alarm systems.

Power and Control Wiring

Our electrical team is capable of wiring everything from a 200-ton chiller with controls to complete building automation systems to a six (6)-color printing press with all controls. Any machines, conveyors, or power control equipment is within our capabilities.